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Audbhdida Lavana is a type of salt, used in Ayurveda. This salt is in usage since thousands of years, since the time of Charaka Samhita.

Introduction: It is available from dry areas. It is dirty colored, prepared from alkaline soil. In salty earths, soil is found mixed with alkaline and salty substances. The alkaline soil is dissolved in water, filtered and the obtained liquid part is dried in sunlight to obtain Audbhida lavana. Previously it was used by the cloth washers to wash the cloths.


Synonyms: Audbida Lavana, Pamshu Lavana, kacha lavana.

Chemical composition

Sodium chloride – 94.1 % w/w
Total Sulphides – 0.042 % w/w
Sodium bicarboante – 0.049 % w/w

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Medicinal qualities

सतिक्तकटु सक्षारं तीक्ष्णमुत्क्लेदि चौद्भिदम्|
satiktakaṭu sakṣāraṃ tīkṣṇamutkledi caudbhidam| – Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 27
It is bitter – pungent in taste.
Sakshara – alkaline, caustic, produces burning and corrosive action.
Teekshna  – minute, enters into minute channels, piercing in nature.
Utkledi – May cause vomiting sensation.

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines with Audbhida lavana ingredient:
Saubhagya Vati –
Used in treatment of fever, chronic, intermittent fever, cough, cold, bronchitis etc.
Chitrakadi Vati – Used in treatment of anorexia, indigestion and ‘ama’ conditions.
Pradarantak Lauh – Used in treating menorrhagia, metrorhagia etc.
Narayana Churna –  Used in  treatment of Ascites, Abdominal distension, bloating, Constipation, Piles, Anemia, cough, etc

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    • Technically no salt is good at controlling blood pressure. But using rock salt - Saindhava Lavana in small quantities is 'quite tolerable' for BP patients. If your doctor has advised to completely stop salt, then it is best not to use any salt including rock salt.

  • salts and are with alkaline totally number in 25 and they cure all diseases when salt is solidified in agni

  • you know that in rainy season total waste and bad virus totally diluted in the water when the water entirely if enter in to the sea the entire virus will be killed by the salt water this is the phenomena of nature research on this point of view

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