Trikatu, Rock Salt Home Remedy For Sinusitis, Laziness And High Kapha

Increased kapha dosha causes sinusitis, laziness, heaviness of head, anorexia etc. Spices are commonly used to treat these conditions. But because many people cannot tolerate spices due to sensitive stomach, here is a simple gargling home remedy for the said conditions.

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What you need?
A piece of fresh ginger – sufficient to extract 5 ml of juice
Trikatu powder – 1 pinch (half to one gram)
Rock Salt (Saindhava Lavana) – 1 pinch (half to one gram)

Method of preparation

How to make?
Take fresh ginger, peel off the skin and crush it to extract 5 ml of juice.
Add a pinch of each of Trikatu (mixture of fine powder of pepper, long pepper and ginger) and rock salt to it.
Mix it well.

How to use?

In the morning, soon after getting up and finishing teeth brushing etc. Take 5 ml of this liquid mix into mouth and rinse well for half to one minute and spit it out.
After you spit it out, if the need be, you can repeat it for 2 – 3 times.


What are its benefits?

  • It helps to expel out sputum collection from sinuses, hence very useful in sinusitis.
  • It helps to relieve tongue coating and anorexia. It improves taste.
  • It is useful in fever, associated with anorexia.
  • It helps to balance Kapha Dosha in head region.
  • It helps to relieve headache and heaviness of head associated with cough, cold and sinusitis.
  • It also relieves vomiting sensation.
  • This remedy can be followed during season changes leading to onset of a cold season. Such as, during onset of rainy season or during onset of winter.

How does it work?
As per Ayurveda, all the above symptoms / diseases are due to Kapha origin.
Rock salt helps to liquify Kapha Dosha. Learn more about rock salt benefits
Trikatu is very good anti inflammatory spice mix. It helps to relieve Kapha Dosha. Read more – Trikatu benefits

How long to take?

It can be continued for one to two weeks.


Safe for kids?
It is safe for children above 7 years of age. The dose for mouth rinsing can be just 5 1- 2 ml.

During pregnancy and lactation?
If a pregnant mother can tolerate it on trial, it can be used for a short period of 2 – 3 days time.
I do not recommend it to use for a longer period of time during pregnancy.
It is quite safe to use during lactation period.

Side effects

Any Side Effects?
It may not be tolerated by people with oral ulcers and by people with Pitta increase / Pitta body type.

What happens if the liquid is swallowed?
No big deal. But better to avoid swallowing if you cannot tolerate spices or if you have gastritis or hypertension.

5 thoughts on “Trikatu, Rock Salt Home Remedy For Sinusitis, Laziness And High Kapha”

  1. Ioften get cold and throat infrction which has resulted in becoming my left vocal chord paralysed. Will this preparation help in stregthing the vocal cord?

    • You can increase the quantity based on your comfort. But in first few attempts 5 ml is a good quantity.

  2. It is written that rock salt can be used for arthritis… in which oil should this rock salt mixed for applying.. so that we get best results…


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