Reading Is A Better Hobby Than TV During Pregnancy: 5 Strong Reasons

During pregnancy, it is now a proven fact that the mental outfit of the mother has a direct impact on the child. Hence you are told to be mentally active during pregnancy. I often recommend my clients to go for reading positive books and to avoid TV as much as possible. Let us find out why.  

Watching TV is a passive activity

You are consuming some information from TV but the process of analysing / learning  is not happening while watching TV. That is why, watching too much TV is not recommended even for children.  (related).

reading during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need to do few things.
1. Connect with your little buddy inside.
2. Have love-full, encouraging and positive feelings about your budding little champ.
3. Relay positive vibes and attitude to him / her.
4. Impart all the positive mind qualities to him / her, like compassion towards the needy and poor, leadership qualities, good analysis power to judge what is good and what is wrong, good memory and concentration etc.

Self awareness

While you read a book, you are more aware about your mind, body and fetus. Hence there is an emotional connection between you and the fetus. By this connection, the relay of positive thoughts to the fetus is very easy.
Whereas, if you are watching TV, we tend to get totally involved in the TV program hence less self awareness.


While watching TV, often, the concentration is not there, but reading a book is a work of concentration.

Which book to read?

Self help and positive books are good.
If you feel bored with such books, try biographies of your favourite personalities. – Steve Jobs (I just cannot get this guy out of my head), Swamy Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, etc.
Even it can be ancient epics like Ramayan, Mahabharat etc.
If there are no violence or hatred, even some good novels like Eat Love and Pray are good to read.
It can even be about the things that you want to learn about, like my ebooks 🙂 (That’s good marketing tactic isn’t it?)

Useful reading tips

  • Do not sit in one position for long time. Your back may start hurting.
  • Keep a thin pillow at your lower back as a support to your back.
  • Do not read while walking. You may feel dizziness or may stumble onto something.
  • If you are reading an e-book, then follow 20:20:20 rule – That is, for every 20 minutes of reading, for next 20 seconds, look at an object / nature, at 20 feet distance. (This rule is not invented by me. Borrowed it from internet. From Mr Amit Agarwal, one of my blogging Gurus).
  • Drink some sweet fruit juice or tender coconut water. If you are too much involved in the book, you may burn some calories. Having juice helps to protects you from tiring. 
  • Make notes while reading and revisit them to re-iterate the positive points.
  • Try to think as if you are teaching your fetus about what you are reading. This creates good bonding.
  • While reading, keep a hand on your tummy. Just to feel connected.

If you find it hard to quit TV, then follow 60:30 rule. For every 60 minutes you watch TV, make firm resolution to read a book for the next 30 minutes. (This rule is invented by me. You’re welcome).
So, reading is the best hobby during pregnancy. Have better tips? Thanks for sharing them in the comment section below.
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10 thoughts on “Reading Is A Better Hobby Than TV During Pregnancy: 5 Strong Reasons”

  1. This is great article, thank you Dr! I have a general question for you: I’m looking for some ayurvedic texts on pregnancy and post-partum care. Could you please suggest some good ones that also have good english or hindi translation? I have Kashyap, but I don’t find much material there…

    Thank you very much! Regards.

    • Hi, thanks. I will be writing more on these aspects.
      Prasuti Tantra and Stri Roga book written by PV Tewari is quite informative.

  2. very nice article doc.. please do mention about food intake during pregnancy for keeping oneself calm

    • Hi, during pregnancy, whatever is liked by the mother, unless it is too spicy, fast foods, aerated drinks etc, it can be had.


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