Ireland Abortion Incident – Is There Any Religion Greater Than Humanity?

Recently Ireland is in news for all the wrong reasons. Indian origin woman was denied abortion, she eventually died due to septicaemia. She and her family repeatedly requested many authorities but no one dared to do abortion because it is not as per the “Catholic Laws”. Suddenly an ancient beautiful verse is ringing in my mind, which fits exactly into this context.

When I heard this news, I had to pinch myself to believe that such a medieval event can happen even in this 21st century. When both parents have decided for an abortion, when there is an underlying strong and evident medical reason for abortion, when everyone knows that if the fetus is not aborted, then mother’s health will be in jeopardy, what on earth would’ve stopped the doctors from doing it?

They give a religious belief as a reason for it. It is not mentioned in the law / religious book, so they can not. I am not a very religious / spiritual person, but common sense says that whatever is best for the health, whatever is best for the humanity, that is the religion.

Religion / spirituality is something ‘current’. It is not there in law books or religious books. The fruitfulness of religion lies in its sensible practice in day-to-day practice. 

Going by the law of Karma, doctors have committed a murder by wilful avoidance of their duty in this case. The fetus’ health was already at risk, there was no way they could have saved the fetus, at least they could have saved the mother. At least they could have saved the hope and happiness of the family.

A great verse says –
“Dharma artha kaama mokshaanaam aarogyam moolamuttammam | “

The root for righteousness, earning money and fulfilling desires lie in health. If someone has good health, only then can one follow righteousness and other things.

The very first verse of the Ayurvedic text book Ashtanga Hrudayam says the same in different words.-

“Aayuhu Kaamaayamaanena dharmaartha sukha saadhanam | “

In both the verses, it is clear that they are putting health and longevity as the root for righteousness (religion).

Bottom line – Religion is not a religion if it does not have “common sense” and “welfare to humanity” as its foundation.

Disclaimer: I do not have anything against Catholic religion or any other religion in this world. All the religions in the world are created, keeping in mind the welfare of mankind. But it is our responsibility as human beings to understand and interpret religion in the right sense, using “common sense” and “wisdom”.

Hope such a foolish thing never ever happens to any other woman.

Speaking about abortion, here are my personal views: 

If the mother decides that she does not want the baby, for whatever the reasons (health, personal or social), then abortion should be permitted. What will the poor baby will do, when her entry on to the earth itself is unwanted?

If health is not the cause, at the best mother can be given multiple doses of counselling, can be persuaded in many ways, but after all that, what she wants is abortion, then with all respect to her thoughts and beliefs, the baby should be aborted… if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “Ireland Abortion Incident – Is There Any Religion Greater Than Humanity?”

  1. You are right. I had been to Ireland lived there for many years & I cannot digest that the fact that this happened. I know a number of catholic friends & the church & its control. This has saddened me & my belief & love for the Irish people is dented.

    I liked your frank opinion & any human being in this world will accept this. Hope this kind of instances do not repeat in the future. Let god give sadbuddi to all the people.

  2. Just a correction. Here “Church” has not killed here. It is not the culprit.But the doctors who lacked common sense are.


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