Travelling To A Very Cold Place? Health Tips For You

Mr Srinivas asks, ” I am planning to go to Badrinath (India) during this October. I am very much worried about my father’s health. He is 64 years and having Diabetic and Hypertension. Please advice what should be done in case he finds it very cold and starts shivering finally gone to hypothermia. The temperature at that time will be below 0 degree Celsius.”

Here are some Ayurvedic ways to keep your body warm and healthy while you visit very cold places. 

Tips to follow

Get your clothing correct: 
Use clothes which traps the heat within and avoids loss of temperature from the body. Have some winter-wear collection.

Exercise or Yoga
Remember that even if you are on tour, while visiting a cold location, exercise will help you keep the body warm, it allows you to sweat and the skin to breathe.

Chyawanprash –
It is a good Ayurvedic product to carry with you. Most of the ingredients in Chyawanprash are hot in nature. They help to improve lungs strength and boost blood circulation.

A quick tip here – usually Chyawanprash is advised along with milk. (click to know why). But while visiting places with sub zero temperatures, hot water can be the co-drink of choice for Chyawanprash.

Chyawanprash contains sugar. Hence, diabetic people will need to consult their doctor before taking it.

Ginger – Make sure you carry good amount of ginger and have it. Ginger improves blood circulation and keeps the body warm. If your stomach is sensitive to ginger, you can have ginger tea etc.

Aloe Vera – Aloe vera is another herb, that promotes blood circulation. Hence it is a good idea to have aloe-vera tea.

Ayurvedic products containing Aloe vera like Kumaryasavam is very good to have. But consult your doctor before going for it.

Turmeric and neem – Keep turmeric and neem powders with you and use  them in your diet. You can use them externally also. (explained below)

Spices – Ginger, pepper, cardamom, onion, cinnamon, curry leaves are precious. They are good for lungs and for blood circulation.

Oil application – You need to apply some oil over the skin. It helps to avoid dryness, improves blood circulation under the skin and also relieves aches and pains. You may use one among the following combinations –

  • Mustard oil for massage – If you wish to have plain oil massage, mustard oil will be good.
  • Oil combination for regular application – If you hate mustard oil for some reason, then take  Maha Narayana taila – 1 ounce, and add a pinch of pepper powder and mix well. Apply this oil, especially to legs and hands , if not whole body, at least two times a day.

DashamoolarishtaIt is a safe Ayurvedic product to take. It helps to keep the body warm, fights inflammation, good for lungs, stomach and heart. Again, diabetic people should take this only under professional advice.

Aloe vera skin cream – Helps to keep the skin moistened.

Things to avoid

Smoking – Smoking worsens the health of lungs and blood vessels. Remember that you need extra attention about these two body parts in a cold place.

Long nails – You need special concentration on your finger tips. So, avoid long nails.

Unattended wounds – Watch for even a small wound, with lessened blood circulation, wound healing may take a long time, especially for diabetic people.

Skipping meals and medication – Both are very important, especially if you have diabetes or high BP.

Avoiding medical help – It is always better to seek your doctor’s help, especially in subzero temperature. A small health hitch, if neglected, can grow into a large complication. Keep your doctor’s phone number handy.

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  1. If we follow Dr. hebbar’s advice can never fell ill and reduce budget on medicines drastically.Dr. you are doing a great service to the society. Plz. carry on this for the wellness of mankind. May God give you along long healthy life.


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