Easy Ayurveda Home Remedy For Fever And Cold [video]

A simple home remedy for fever and cold can be prepared with three easily available herbs. This  home remedy  for cold and fever is prepared in the form of Ayurvedic kashayam. This home remedy is especially beneficial if the fever is of viral origin. Here is the detailed method of how it is prepared.


This kashayam home remedy is prepared using three ingredients –
Dry Ginger – 10 grams,
Hareetaki (Harad)– Terminalia chebula – 20 grams and
Guduchi – Indian Tinospora (giloya) – 30 grams.

Method of preparation

How to prepare home remedy for fever and cold?
Coarse powder of these three herbs is taken in a clean wide mouthed vessel.
Add 800 ml of water to the vessel, leave it for 2 – 3 hours.
Boil this mixture of herbs and water over mild fire till the total water in the vessel is reduced to approximately 200 ml.
Note that this is the usual method of making kashayam.

After heating till only 200 ml of water remains in the vessel, put off the stove, take the vessel out and filter the contents.
The filtered liquid is the home remedy.


All the general precautions and rules of kashayam making should be strictly followed.
It is better to try this home remedy only after seeking professional advise.

Dose, Benefits

Dose: 10 – 15 ml once or twice in a day, half an hour before food.

Benefits –
This kashayam is traditionally used in the treatment of fever and cold.
It increases immunity.
It improves digestion capacity by correcting the enzymes in stomach and intestines.
It is effective against cold associated with fever.
Ginger and giloya have potent antiviral properties. Hence this can be used in viral diseases.
Daily intake of this kashayam for a period of one month is very helpful in people suffering from recurrent fever and cold.

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