How To Help A Depressed Husband? Tips For A Win-Win

A moment of hopelessness, an event of embarrassment, there can be many reasons why your husband has lost his confidence. How to help a depressed husband is a critical question for you. You being the best friend, need to offer shoulder at the right time and take care that he overcomes this moment of difficulty. While you might not solve his real cause of depression, you can take care of related aspects to help  your husband with depression.

How to know if your husband is depressed? 

  • lack of interest in everything,
  • Crying spells, suicidal tendency,
  • Expression of hopelessness, not being optimistic.

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Tips – How to help a depressed husband? 

Be eternal optimistic – 
If you lose hope in future, it will only turn worse. Be optimistic that everything will be all right soon. Never ever lose hope.

Do not cry – Do not cry / weep or talk in a negative tone in front of your husband.

Do not shout – Never be angry at your depressed husband. Develop a little patience for a definitely better tomorrow.

Medicines for depression at right time – Often depression people suffer from lack of memory and laziness. Take initiative to give him proper medicines at the right time.

Outdoor games
People with depression suffer from myalgia – body aches and pains. Playing out door games make them feel fresh, young and energetic, increases bonding and improves body strength.

Food, favorite dishes
Care is needed here. People on anti depressants tend to put on weight. Where as some people, due to depression, stop eating and tend to lose weight.
Serve your husband his favorite dishes that he used to love.
Ask him what he wishes to have for breakfast.
Engage him in cooking. Assign him small jobs of cooking. This takes away loneliness and makes him interested in cooking.

Get him talking
Pick up various topics, about neighbors, about latest news, sports, politics, movies and engage in thought-provoking dialogue. This will provoke his mind to think analytically and positively.

Watch comedy movies and shows together. Share jokes with him.

Walking – Go for a walk – for at least 10 minutes a day, early in the morning.

HobbiesIt is the best medicine for depression.

Help your husband with depression in his job
He might not be able to concentrate on his job. Understand his nature of work and help him keep up deadlines and job related commitments.

Take care of bills and other responsibilities
Take up responsibilities related to household. Reduce burden from his shoulder.

Regulate his sleep
His sleep pattern is very crucial in recovery. Make sure he sleeps for 8 hours and is active at other times.

Contact doctor for any sleep disturbances.
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Remember – Small helps by you will help immensely to build a better future together. Cheers!

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