How To Get Over A Hangover – An Ayurveda Hangover Remedy

There are many ways to get over alcohol hangover. Ayurveda recommends a home remedy to try for this purpose. The beauty of this Ayurveda remedy is – it not only helps you to get rid of hangover, but also has other health benefits such as protecting the stomach from gastritis, relieving burning sensation etc.

Ayurvedic home remedy


Dates, raisins, Kokum butter, tamarind fruit, pomegranate, Amla – together – 25 grams

Cold water (or boiled and cooled water) – 100 ml

Method of preparation

Soak the ingredients in water for 10 minutes.
Thoroughly macerate the ingredients in water till the whole liquid becomes homogeneous.

Dose, time of intake, precautions

Dose – 100 ml
When to drink? 
Soon after alcohol intake, or at bed time or in the morning.

Precautions – Since this drink can not be stored for long, it is better to prepare and have it fresh.


  • Cures hangover
  • Relieves headache, dizziness
  • A natural stimulant drink with high nutrition value
  • Rich in anti oxidants
  • Energizes body and mind
  • Protects gastric mucous lining and to an extent, liver from the ill-effects of alcohol.
  • Relieves constipation and protects stomach and intestines from alcohol irritation.

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One comment on “How To Get Over A Hangover – An Ayurveda Hangover Remedy

  • Kunwar Singh

    19/08/2011 - 7:02 pm

    Dear Dr Hebbar,

    In response to herbal medicines suggested for alcohol hangover, I don’t thing that a person suffering from alcohol hangover will have stamina and time to search for the ingredients mentioned in your article above and start making a home remedy and consume to get relief from alcohol hangover whereas during such circumstances, the person would want to have something prompt and handy to overcome his constant sufferings. I would suggest the effective ways by which one can tackle alcohol hangover by following these simple methods:

    1. Drink two pegs of alcohol (about 120 ml) to get immediate relief. As it is said that poison kills poison, the intake of alcohol helps to overcome from alcohol hangover instantly. The person will get instant relief from headache and can go to sleep to get rid of alcohol handover completely.

    2. Eat 200 g yoghurt and it will neutralize the alcohol effect on the stomach and provide protein to energize the body.

    3. Drink lemon juice by adding little sugar and salt to breakdown the alcohol contents in the body and it will help to treat dehydration due to excessive intake of alcohol.

    4. Drinking plenty of fresh water to flush out toxins from the body and to redydrate the body would be another best thing to combat alcohol hangover. Drinking sweet fruit juices will help to reenergize the body with essential minerals and vitamins. Acidic fruits and fruit juices to be strictly avoided.

    5. Eat two bananas to manage the loss of potassium due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The person can also eat other seasonal sweet fruits to neutralize the acidic effect on the stomach.

    6. Drinking glucose will also help to treat alcohol hangover.

    7. Drinking ginger boiled water is an effective home remedy to treat alcohol hangover.

    8. The best treatment for alcohol hangover would be to stop drinking alcohol completely or else if it is necessary to drink as a habit or otherwise, the person should drink moderately to avoid such sufferings.

    I am hopeful that the above suggestions would certainly help a large number of people to get educated to treat their alcohol hangover who might suffer due to excessive intake of alcohol.

    Take care and remain blessed with good health!

    Best regards,
    Kunwar Singh

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