Milk Garlic Home Remedy For Stomach, Abscess and Fever

Garlic is a potent herb used widely in Ayurveda. A Milk – Garlic home remedy is explained which is highly effective in multiple conditions. This milk garlic home remedy can be prepared in about 5 minutes.  


Materials required –
1. Garlic pearls – 5 grams
2. Milk – 40 ml (roughly 1.5 oz)
3. water – 40 ml (roughly 1.5 oz)


Method of preparation

How to do it? 
Remove the husk from the garlic. Pound it to make a paste.
Take milk and water in a small vessel. Add garlic to it.
Boil this mixture keeping the lid open, in mild heat,  with continuous stirring, till only 40 ml (1.5 oz) of liquid remains in the vessel.
Filter the content.


10 ml for adults two times a day. Just before food, or after food.
Once prepared, this recipe should be finished within 10 – 12 hours.


This garlic milk remedy is useful to relieve
– abdominal bloating, feeling as if gas is filled in stomach
– constipation
–  chronic fever
– abscess, unhealed wounds.

Because of its potent action against pain and inflammation, this a good home remedy for back pain related to sciatica / slip disc.

Here, the fat and water soluble active principles are transferred into milk media.

Milk being a coolant in nature, reduces the hotness and pungency of garlic.

For those who can not tolerate hotness and pungency of raw garlic, this is the second best method to enjoy garlic benefits. 

No bad breath with this remedy – Another advantage of this remedy is – this will not cause any bad odour of garlic to stay in your mouth. Because, according to researchers from the department of Food Science and Technology at The Ohio State University, a study published in 2001, in the Journal of Food science revealed that drinking milk while eating garlic-heavy food can reduce the bad breath problem associated with garlic consumption.

Lashuna ksheerapaka

This recipe is taken from Charaka Chikitsa 5/94-95 – Lashuna Ksheerapaka

4 Palas of Dehusked and dried Lasuna is boiled by adding 8 times of milk and water and reduced to the quantity of milk.
This medicated milk immediately cures
Vata- Gulma,
Udavarta – upward movement of wind
Gridhrasi – sciatica
Vishama Jvara – Recurrent fever
Hrid rogam – heart disease,
Vidradhi – Abscess and
Shotha – oedema. [94-95]

20 thoughts on “Milk Garlic Home Remedy For Stomach, Abscess and Fever”

  1. Dr. plz do temme ma mum is hvin severe acidity prblm… hvin raw garlic in mrng beneficial fo releiving her aciditic prblm…..she iz hvin depression prblm as well as medicine is gng on……

  2. Dear Sir,

    Can garlic cloves be heated wigh ghee till they get brownish and then consumed? Is this way better than chewing raw garlic?


  3. Great remedy. Should the garlic be organic? Milk 2%, whole and/or organic? Also, what if amount of garlic used is only 2 cloves. Will that still be of benefit? Thanks again, Happy New Year

    • Hi, for any home remedy, if you can get organic ingredients, it is generally considered as better. 2 cloves, is sufficient, if one is considering to use this remedy on daily basis.

  4. Adding one green crushed cardamom while boiling garlic in milk will provide more astonishing results.

  5. Thank you Doctor. for the useful article.
    My mother had given this to me after my delivery from 20 days on wards. She said it will improve the lactation. had it daily for 3 months!
    Is it true?

  6. Hi, this milk garlic remedy – 2 tablespoon with a small pinch of turmeric is good for kids with cough and wheezing. But the other set of medicines that you have listed, is not safe, unless prescribed by an Ayurveda doctor.

  7. Is Garlic milk good for GERD and heartburn. Does it heal an inflammed esophagus due to reflux. Please advice…..I have LES laxity…

  8. With my little understanding of Sanskrit without formal education I am understanding the shloka to mean that : Liquid should be reduced to quantity of milk excluding quantity of garlic. Including garlic in measuring / estimating remaining liquid may make a difference of about 5 grams while making 40 ml of garlic milk. However shloka is recommending use of 4 palas of garlic and eight times = 32 palas = 1.536 liters of milk. Each pala being 48 grams, including garlic in measuring / estimating remaining liquid makes a huge difference.
    My reasoning is based on:
    The milk which is Dharoshna (freshly milked from the cow when it is warm) immediately cures Jwara caused by the aggravation of Vayu and Pitta. [Charaka Jwara Chikitsa: Ch3:237-238]
    This means that Dharoshna milk is ideal form of milk and milk that is more diluted or concentrated than Dharoshna milk is less than ideal. So the idea is not to evaporate milk to make it concentrated. Concentrated milk should increase kapha causing qualities in milk.


  9. Hi, it can be continued for 2 months time. There is no rule that something should be eaten after taking this. It can be carried to office. I am just not sure, if milk will get spoiled by the afternoon.

  10. Boil 2 pearls of garlic in half a cup of milk and then eat it along with the same milk. Once per day.

  11. Hi Dr,

    Do you have these explanations in any book that you authored.I would like to buy it and follow it. I would also like to learn how to make Amla Ashristam (tonic) at home.

    Thank you Dr for all the topics. I really enjoy reading it and studying it.

    Rachel Mathew

    • I am coming up shortly with such a book with remedies. May take 2 – 3 months time.
      Thanks for reading and appreciation 🙂


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