How To Make Butter? – The Ayurvedic Method

Butter is one of the important dietary article. There are different opinion on How to make butter. Here is the Ayurvedic method of making butter.

Steps of making butter:
1. First you need to collect at least 100 – 250 grams (3 ounce to 8 ounce) of milk cream.

How to make milk cream?
Boil milk. Allow it to cool by itself. Collect the upper cream part. Keep it in the refrigerator. Do it everyday, till the time you have sufficient amount of milk cream to make butter.
2. After having sufficient milk cream collected in refrigerator, take it out from refrigerator and add a little amount of curd or buttermilk at night time. Leave it over night at room temperature.
3. Next day morning, churn it. You can adopt different techniques for churning.
4. Churning in a bottle.  – Take the thus prepared milk cream in a bottle. Fill it up to 75 % space in the bottle. (3/4th volume of the bottle.) Close the lid tightly. Keep on shaking till you can see the butter collecting as the top layer of milk cream. Once the top layer of butter is completely formed, collect it and keep it in an air tight container.
5. Mixer method – You can churn the milk cream by a mixer.
6. Churning with the help of a churning machine.

Make sure to stop churning once you can clearly see the collected top layer of butter. If you over churn butter may get dissolved, leading to less yield.

Butter uses:
Butter is one of the important ingredient in many Ayurvedic preparations.
Butter is used to make ghee.
Butter can be used to apply over the skin, to cool off from heat and burning sensation. It also makes an excellent natural skin moisturizer.

8 thoughts on “How To Make Butter? – The Ayurvedic Method”

  1. I used (maybe still do) and was advised not to have curd. I think curd still makes me acidic no I avoid it. Does this butter not have the same effect since made from curd? I use regular butter though made.from cream and find beneficial. Should I use vedic butter instead? Same question for ghee. Thanks.

    • Hi, curd is different than butter and ghee. You can use Vedic or any other good company’s butter or ghee.


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