Is Honey Just A Sugar Syrup?

The modern way of analyzing natural products look very funny at times. Rice is weighed as starch mass. A fruit is weighed in terms of x number of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc. and honey is often weighed as nothing better than a sugar syrup. But it is very wrong to measure natural products (especially herbal products) in terms of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and so on. Honey as you know is secreted by honey bees, using flower essence. It is very different from just a sugar syrup in more than one ways.

Honey vs Sugar

1. Even when honey is measured in terms of minerals, vitamins etc. it contains loads of useful compounds. Click here to download a PDF containing the detailed composition of honey.
2. Ayurveda has explained the qualities of honey differently than the qualities of cane sugar. Click here to know the qualities of honey.

3. Applying honey over wounds to induce quick healing is a very ancient Ayurvedic home remedy. Whereas, a sugar syrup will not help in wound healing.

4. Honey is a perfect after drink to a lot of medicines. Most of such medicines are pertaining to respiratory health.

5. Honey in combination with different herbs brings about different health benefits. For example, Honey and cinnamon.


Considering natural products and herbs as just a bunch of few chemicals is very wrong.

No one has understood or explored completely, all the chemical constituents of a herb.

Honey is not just a sugar syrup. It has its own significance, health benefits and importance in Ayurveda.

2 thoughts on “Is Honey Just A Sugar Syrup?”

  1. i completly agree doctor.. most of the things that are proposed not proved..but i would recommend diabetic people to resrtain from using it.. becasue we are not still sure if will work the way it is meant to

    • wound healing, sore throat remedies of honey are clinically proven facts. Yes Diabetic patient are not recommended to take honey. I agree. But if the honey is really of good quality, it surely works the way it is meant to.


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