ARTHORUB Liniment – The Powerful Rub For Oedema And Pain

ARTHORUB Liniment – The Powerful Rub for Oedema and Pain. It is useful for instant pain relief from injuries, sprains and arthritis related pains.  It is a herbal product.

Arthorub Composition – 
The liniment is made from
Mustard oil & Sesame oil medicated with
The decoction of
Gmelina arborea – Kasmari
Stereospermum suaveolens – Patala
Oroxlum indicum – Tarkari
Premna integrifolia – Dindukam
Aegle marmelos – Vilwa
Solanum indicum – Bruhati
Solanum xanthocarpum – Kantakari
Psuedarthria viscida – Moorva
Desmodium gangeticum – Sthira
Tribulus terrestris – Gokshura
Strobilanthus heynianus – Sahachara
Sida retusa – Bala
Rubia cordifolia – Manjishta
Hemidesmus indicus – Sariba
Juice of
Tamarindus indicus (leaves) – Chincha
Paste of
Pluchea lanceolata – Rasna
Trigonella foenum-graceum – Methika
Anethum sowa – Satapushpa
Withania somnifera – Aswagandha
Aloe vera – Kumari
Zingiber officinale – Sunti
Strychnos nuxvomica (root) – Karaskara
Medicated oil
Oil of wintergreen
Eucalyptus oil
Pudina ka phool extract
Lemon grass oil

*Stiff & swollen joints
*Blunt injuries
*Sports injuries
*Musculo-skeletal oedema & pain of varied aetiology

Directions for use
Apply liberally to the affected parts and massage gently onto the skin. Warmth applied before and after application enhances action. Repeat as often as required.

30 ml dropper pack & 50 ml dropper pack.

9 thoughts on “ARTHORUB Liniment – The Powerful Rub For Oedema And Pain”

  1. Is it possible to buy arthorub liniment from you?
    I Bought this exellnt liniment when I had treatment at your klinic in 2010

    • We can not send arthorub liniment via air route, since it is liquid.

      But we can send arthorub ointment. – same medicine but in an ointment base. Same efficacy.

      Please let me know if you are interested.

  2. Sir,
    are you able to send all types of ayurvedic medicines, that is, taila, arishta, lehya,etc via parcel(via air) to foreign countries?
    Just a general knowledge question.

    • We have a set up to send Lehya, and all solid medicines. But sending liquids via air route is very costly and no carrier is ready to take the headache.

  3. I bought this product at the Ayurvedic Festival in Trivandrum in February 2012 and I am really impressed with it. If you can find a way to ship it overseas, I would be very interested in buying some more.

    • Please note that we can not ship Arthorub liniment outside India, since it is in liquid form. But we can ship Arthorub ointment, which has the same ingredients as liniment. Only the base in ointment base.

  4. Dr. JV Hebbar, I am elated at seeing the way you have helped so many of us by providing genuine contact details of availability of Arthorub. I had almost given up as it runs out of stock at most places. This cream is one of d most effective ones used for my mom. Thank you so much once again. God bless you !!

    Rgds, Vishal Sodhi


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