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Varanadi Kashayam Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Varanadi kashayam is an Ayurvedic liquid herbal medicine used in the treatment of headache, obesity and low digestive strength. It is also known as Varunadi Kwath.


It is useful in the Ayurvedic treatment of obesity, indigestion, headaches, stomach gas bloating, headache, abscess and wounds.

Ayurveda practitioners also use this for the treatment of
Kapha type of headache with stiffness and heaviness of head, sinus headaches
Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOS)
Cysts, fibroids,
Hypothyroidism – mainly to control obesity

Doctors also use this for the treatment of
Bulky uterus
Painful periods


Dose of Kashaya is 15-20 ml, once or twice a day, preferably 30 minutes before food.
Dose is 1 to 1.5 tablespoon.
If you buy the Kashayam directly from the market, then before taking this, it is better to add a tablespoon of water to it, mix and then take it.

Side effects

There are no known side effects with this product.
Overdosage may cause excessive urination. This product has a diuretic action.
Consult your doctor for its use during pregnancy and lactation.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Store in a cool dry place.

During pregnancy

This is best avoided during pregnancy. It is useful to shrink the cysts, tumours and fibroids. It is cleansing and detoxifying in nature, whereas in pregnancy, nourishment and growth are expected.
However, under select conditions, if your doctor prescribes this, it can be taken for a few weeks time. There is no absolute contra indication for short term usage.


Varunadi Kashayam Ingredients:
Varana (Crataeva religiosa),
Sairyaka (Strobilanthes ciliatus),
Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus),
Dahana (Plumbago zeylanica),
Morata (Chenomorpha fragrans),
Bilwa (Aegle marmelos),
Vishanika (Aristolochia bracteolata),
Brihati (Solanum melongena),
Bhadra (Aerua lanata),
Karanja (Pongamia glabra),
Pootikaranja (Holoptelia integrifolia),
Jaya (Premna corymbosa),
Pathya (Terminalia chebula),
Bahalapallava (Moringa olifera / drum stick),
Darbha (Desmostachya bipinnata) and
Rujakara (Semicarpus anacardium).

Shloka, Sanskrit Verse


Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 15/21-22 – Varunadi Gana of Vagbhata Acharya

Method of preparation

Preparation method: All the herbal ingredients are kept immersed in water overnight, next day morning, added to 16 times of water and reduced to 1/8th or 1/4th quantity by mild to moderate heat, filtered and then consumed while it is warm.

It is also used as a natural herbal diuretic and natural oedema cures.

You feel difficult to consume Varanadi kashayam?
Switch over to Varanadi kashayam tablet – the dose is two tablets two times a day before food.


Kerala Ayurveda, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, AVN
AVN also manufactures this product in Kashayam tablet form.
Nagarjuna – Varanaadi Kashaayam, Varanaadi Kashaayam Tablet

Can it be used in people with diabetes?
Yes. But an eye should be kept on the blood sugar level. Your doctor should help you in this regard. This product can reduce blood sugar levels.

It is sold in plastic bottles. Is it fine? 
If the quality of the bottle material is very good, it should not be a problem, if stored for a short period of time.

Can this be taken without consulting a doctor?

Can one take non-vegetarian food while taking this medicine?
Yes, unless your practitioner has asked to avoid it.

Is there any Pathya (diet rules to be followed while taking this product?
No product specific diet is mentioned. If the practitioner has advised diet control based on disease, one has to follow that.

Is it normal to have gastric complaints and mild headache in the first week of its intake?
In the initial one week of Varanadi kashayam intake, you may have slight gastric problem and headache.
I hope it will go away once your body gets used to this.
I would suggest to continue it.

Varadi vs Varanadi Kashayam

Varadi kashayam contains
Triphala –
a combination of 3 fruits, which is used for opening up body channels and to reduce obesity. 
Turmeric – a very good antioxidant
Asana – Also called Vijaysar, used extensively to treat obesity, leucoderma abscess and bleeding disorders. 
Chitraka – Leadwort. It is hot in nature and helps in burning the fat and corrects metabolism.  
Loha – Iron calx – It is used extensively to open up channels and to burn fat. 

According to the treatise Sahasrayogam –
द्विरदस्थूलदेहोऽपि पिबेत मासात् कृशोभवेत् ।
dviradasthūladeho’pi pibeta māsāt kṛśobhavet |
That means if a person consumes Varadi Kashaya for a month, he will become lean and lose fat by that period.
Read more about Varadi Kashayam – uses, side effects etc


Both can be used together but can cause severe burning sensation, heartburn and extreme tiredness. There are some chances of mild diarrhea.
Your Ayurvedic doctor would be the best judge. 


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  • Dear Doctor,Please guide that if we have to choose between varadi kashayam and varanadi kashayam to treat obesity what would bethe selection criteria as per ayurveda?. Dr Deepak Bhanot BAMS

    • Dear Dr Prashanth,
      I personally am treating a couple of cases, who are undergoing dialysis.. the results have been encouraging.. the creatinine levels are gradually falling down and patient's overall health parameters are on a good course now. So, I can not really assure that Ayurveda can cure renal failure. I suppose, it has to be decided on case to case basis.

    • Can not be said so. A comprehensive treatment plan might be required. This one can alone can not be said as the medicine for hyperthyroidism.

    • It is not usually prescribed for ulcer treatment. consulting a doctor for your health issue seems a better idea. regards

  • Varanadi Kashayam is good for liver. But there are other better Ayurvedic medicines for liver care.

  • Hello Sir,
    One of the Doc prescribed "Prakruti's Varunadi Kashaya" for kidney stone. This kashaya is over we got another bottol but not the same make. It's Nagarjuna's Varannadi Kashayam" This the same and how does this benifit.
    Thank You

    • You have bought Varanadi Kashayam from two different companies. The first one was Prakruti remedies, and the second one was from Nagarjuna. This is fine. No problem. The herb - Varuna - crataeva nurvala is a potent diuretic. Means, it helps to flush the kidney and the bladder, by producing more urine. This helps to easy breakdown and expulsion of small stones present in the kidney or bladder. The other ingredient - Aerua lanata is also helpful in breaking down stones into small pieces, so as to assist in easy expulsion through urine.
      The supportive ingredients such as Darbha, Pathya, Bilwa (Bael) - act as anti inflammatory.
      Hence, for all these reasons, Varunadi Kashaya is also used in the treatment of renal stones by some Ayurvedic doctors.

  • This varanadi kashayam has helped me, this is a very very useful for many stomach related problems
    this is really good

  • sir.. can we use dis for obesity? can u pls inform me watz d time duration 4 controlling the obesity n d maximum weight can b reduced... waiting 4 ur reply thank u

    • This can be used for the treatment of obesity, but for a complete analysis of cause and for a complete consultation, it is better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly.

  • I have a box of capsules Varanaadi Kashayam 2006 never opened. There is no expiration date. Have expired?

  • Dear Sir,

    Does this medicine has any side effects, if taken in the long term. Typically how long should you take this

    • Generally no side effects. The period of time has to be decided by your doctor.

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