Ayurveda Is Not A Granny Medicine

There is a general misconception that Ayurveda is all about Home remedies, using simple herbs to treat the disease etc. There is also a belief that any Ayurveda medicine can be given to anyone and one medicine can be given for the same purpose for all people.


But Ayurveda is a great and vast scientific field, where every medicine has been explained with specific instructions regarding the time of intake, in which conditions the medicines can be given, till what stage of the disease for how long the medicine can be taken etc.
Most of the Ayurvedic medicines can only be taken under strict medical supervision.
Many of the Ayurveda medicines cannot be prescribed to children, pregnant ladies or lactating mothers.
Same medicine can act in different ways in different persons with different combinations or co drinks.

For example,
Mahayograj Guggul tablet, a very famous medicine used in arthritis, is useful in Kapha dominant diseases if given along with Aragwadhadi Kashayam. The same medicine is useful in Vata dominant conditions if given along with Rasnadi Kashayam.

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Same Ayurveda medicine, in different dose, is useful in different diseases.
Sanjivani Vati tablet
1 tablet once or twice a day is traditionally the dose to treat digestive problems.
2 tablet once or twice a day is traditionally the dose to treat gastroenteritis.

In Ayurveda, medicine administration is a very intricate issue, involving many factors Like Bhoomi (the place to which the person belongs), Prakruti (the body constitution of the patient), Satwa (the toleration capacity of a person towards a specific medication), Satmya (dietary habits of the patient) etc.
In this background, extreme caution has to be exercised while you are SELF-MEDICATING yourself with Ayurvedic medicine.
Ayurvedic doctors study Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery for five and half years, which includes one year of internship, They are the authoritative experts, under the supervision of whom, any Ayurvedic medicines can be taken in the specified dose for the specific time period.

Underestimating Ayurved

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy
We need evidence and scientific explanation for each and every entity. The subject without proper data and its interpretation based upon the study carried is nowhere appreciated and considered as invalid. For the superficial look, it appears correct also. Because it becomes baseless when sufficient evidence is not produced before the ‘scientific community’. Being a researcher and academician since past 18 years in this field, I have to nod my head for all such reproducible data. But, when I sit in my clinic, where I think and practice only with Ayurvedic ideology, I am ashamed (in reality) to tune my mind in scientific angle and research attitude. Because all my scientific calculations appear unscientific when I diagnose and prescribe the medicines with classical approach. But, miraculously classical approach safeguards the patients and my deep faith in Ayurvedic literatures documented thousands together years back itself.
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The principles of Ayurveda like Panchabhoota siddhanta, Tridosha siddhanta,Prakriti, Shat kriyakala concept of diagnosis, Rasa panchaka concept, Samskara, Shodhana-Shamana aspects of treatment, Curability-incurability (sadhyaasaadhyata lakshana etc) have never changed in due course of chronological time period of Ayurvedic practice. The change is found only in the minds of the people who are seeking the scientific evidence because, they believe that change is essential for the growth of the science! (and hence to grab the money and extend their business in the name of development of science/updated knowledge).
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None of Ayurvedic medicine reported to be for drug intolerance that is the reason why none of the classical dosage form like Chyavanaprasha, Dashamoolarishtha, Dhanvantari vati, Ksheerabala taila, Amritottara kashaya, Tribhuvana keerti rasa, Kumaryasava, Saraswatarishtha, Hingwashthaka choorna, Sitopaladi choorna etc are said to be ‘resistant’ for any of the illnesses like the modern medicine which is reported to be so (which is in fact a strategy to propagate newer molecules and hence to extend the market of the modern medicines!).
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Secondly, when we accept that Ayurvedic treatment is individualistic and holistic, I find no meaning in building the scientific rationality (it is like assessment of food intake capacity by administering Idly to an individual who does not like it!). But one thing what is really need to be understood is proper evaluation of the classical factors in general practice based upon our own principles.(But, the modern science and scientists do not accept and permit for it – appears strange and funny).
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People need evidence for every endeavor. Right….when they do not understand basic aspects like Tridosha, Prakriti, Rasapanchaka etc, how they can measure our classical contents in their measuring tools? It becomes vague to say that every scientific aspect should be in physics-chemistry-biology only! Even before the inception of the concepts of these fundamental subjects of the science, the Ayurvedic concepts were evolved and principles were determined, we need to understand the in-depth knowledge of our seers. Also, we need to note the qualities and actions mentioned by our great seers to more than at least 3000 herbs (without the knowledge of chemical principles!).Their ability and deep insight in framing the dosage forms and formulations based upon Ayurvedic principles remain nowhere less than the multi centric research work of great Universities across the world (without depending upon the funding agencies and absolutely free from bribe and scam too).
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The patho-physiology and treatment modalities of all the diseases mentioned in our ancient texts synchronize with the stage of the illness. Then, how the matter of irrationality and un-unscientific is pose on Ayurveda philosophy?

Is any effort of the scientific community was successful who have strived hard to prove the Ayurvedic principles are baseless? Instead, they themselves became the followers from front yard or else they adopted its principles and practices in disguise! In reality, scientists struggle hard to digest the fundamentals of Ayurved and sarcastically they find it difficult to explain in the version of the scientific knowledge what they possess for the time being…..!
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Our food, beverage, habit, habitat, constitution, disease identification, drug, dosage form, formulations, rationality behind the treatment, rejuvenation etc factors have remained as un-solved puzzles for them. Due to this, without willing to accept their defeat and helplessness, they blame Ayurveda as un-scientific and irrational. No matter…. Ayurvedists should understand this reality and need to be proud for this fact.

Aping is not the solution in healthcare system. Thinking, accepting and re-structuring the needy facts in the light of Ayurveda is indeed essential.
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